Happy hump Day, we hope you all had a lovely day. The children were exploring and as always are busy bees within the Aqua class.

Annabel and Thomas started their day working in the sandpit, they built big castles by filling the buckets up to the top and then turning them over. The sandpit was quite busy this morning with groups of children getting busy inside the pit.

Remi, Sophia, and Georgia enjoyed time with the small vehicles, they watched as they made marks in the sand with the wheels.

India really enjoyed exploring the animals in the small box. She showed Liza and the pig and made the ‘’oink, oink’’ sound. Maya and Molly joined her and they both explored all the different animals.

The dinosaur world was also a hit with the girls as they explored all of them and feed them leaves for lunch.

Some of the girls also enjoyed the rice, they scooped and poured with bowls and spoons displaying hand and eye coordination skills.

The children are so very brave and love to climb the trees within the yard. Risky play is a great benefit for the children as they learn to build problem solving skills, resilience and persistence. They also learn to be aware of their capabilities and limits of their own bodies.

Group time was so much fun as we sang songs and read some wonderful stories with our teachers. Komalpreet read a story called ‘’Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star’’.

Learning Centre time was full of fun activities: –

We explored the small dinosaurs in the box. The children love to feed them and mind them.

With Natasha the children played a game where they had to match the feelings to the right expression.

With Rosanna the children made a night sky. They enjoyed the story Twinkle twinkle so they stuck lots of stars on the black paper.

With Liza the children continue to use dough to express their feels. They mad sad or happy faces on the face card.

With Donna the children have now planted the veg in the large boxes in the Aqua area. Hopefully we see some carrots and other vegetables growing by the end of the year.

What a fun day we have had at Aqua today. It was full of fun activities and fun experiments. Have a wonderful Wednesday evening everyone. 

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