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We have our Science experiments and experiences happening from today and children were very excited to get involved. We also would like to thank Nicholas and Archi’s family for bringing some seed pots that we were able to use today. Justin and Shane began with seed planting using the pots from Woolworths as we have planned to take part in their program, “Discovery garden”. It is also in conjunction with our project this month which is “Sustainability”. Children observed and participated in this hands on experience and began to learn to be responsible and take part in caring for our natural environment. The seed pots are displayed on top of the lockers and will be revisited every fortnight whenever we held our Science time. Also, everyone will be encouraged to look after their seeds by making sure it gets enough sunlight and water.  We’re also planning to organize more sustainable science experiments related to our discussions during the week.

The platypus group had also spent some time exploring more of the Japanese culture by dressing up on kimono and also making Japanese dolls and whilst doing so, they incorporated Aboriginal theme by using Aboriginal print papers. Veronique, Maddison, Belian and Teos also had fun drawing the body parts as they create their own Japanese dolls.

The kookaburras on the other hand also focused on extending on their paper mache activity from yesterday by adding some dry leaves that they have collected outdoor. They tried to breakdown the papers that was soak overnight to get a pulp ready to use to make different forms.

The possums also did some reflection about Crimson rules and reminded each other how they are expected to behave by showing respect to each other and the environment. They also touched base with some multicultural arts and craft that they have started doing from yesterday.

Our koalas from No.59 also had a great time getting involved in our Science experiments and children were keen to see how their seeds will look like when it grows. Shoko also came over and spoke about the Japanese doll festival. She showed them photos and also taught them a dance and sang with them with some songs. Evan, Elise, Charles, Edward and Saige were so proud to show their Japanese doll to the educators.

In the afternoon, Crimson children had an amazing time with Daniel our music coach and all wanted to have a turn playing different instruments including the violin.

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