Happy Wednesday! Today has been all kinds of fun and the children enjoyed joining in with different activities and exploring together 😊

Today during group time the children had lots of fun singing their favourite nursery rhymes and using puppets too! We read books together and played with Cindy’s toys. We love to use group time as an opportunity to engage the children in conversations about topics they are interested in and what’s going on in the world around them!

Today we talked about Hina Matsuri – the Japanese festival of the dolls. In Japan, people display dolls in their window to celebrate girls within their family, wishing them happiness and health! The children enjoyed using loofahs to paint the traditional dress of the doll today!

We enjoyed yoga in the morning! Everyday we practice our yoga poses and work on physical development, gross motor skills, balance and coordination in a fun way 😊

One of our favourite nursery rhymes is ‘Ba, ba, black sheep’ and the children used their motor skills to paint and stick cotton balls onto their sheep! What a fun and sensory experience!

We have had a fantastic day together, playing with playdough and exploring the ‘under the sea’ themed tray with blue sand and ocean animals!

Today we also celebrated Zoe’s birthday! Zoe celebrated her birthday with her friends, big sister and cake! Happy Birthday Zoe 😊

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