Today was a beautiful sunny day. The children have been running around playing and laughing with each other outside. We have been applying sun cream and learning that we must wear our hats while playing in the garden.

A small group gathered to play in the sandpit area, we added lots of new sand and the children have been busy making castles. They especially like knocking them down when we make many in a row. Isabel made a comment that the sand was soft while she let the sand slide between her fingers.

A group of children have been enjoying exploring the baby ducks and mommy ducks in the basins. Alegria was heard singing the song ‘’5 little Ducks went out to Play’’ as she moved them around the basin.

Inside the children explored the slim with small animals, they mad prints with their feet in it. Leonardo made the longest snake and was so excited when Donna could catch it the other side.

In the home corner Madeline and Nishka got busy been the teacher and patting the dolls to sleep.

Group time was full of fun songs and stories. The children especially loved the story about the caterpillar. They saw the egg on a leaf first and then the baby caterpillar and then when he ate all his food, they saw how big he had grown.

Bimbi’s group enjoyed some dancing songs.

After we joined our teachers for activities. The children have now planted some carrots and lettuce in the garden we are hopefully to see some growing soon. To continue with nature activities Donna’s group spoke about Autumn today and then used different coloured leaves and nuts from our trees to explore with the dough. Annabel made an amazing tree with hers. Madeleine was super excited when she did also.

We continued to explore small dinosaur world. Henry especially enjoys this activity.

Nita’s group got to explore shaving foam and different colours in the sensory bags. They laughed as it made a mess on their hands.

What a fun filled day we had in Aqua today. Have a wonderful evening.

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