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Our children have had the opportunity to expand their knowledge about multicultural celebrations, sustainable practices as well as creative and performing arts and early literacy and numeracy skills.

Anne had carry on with the paper mache project she started with the platypus group last Monday and everyone took the initiative to join and do the next steps. Joshan, Imri, Alexia, Ryan, Teos, Lily, Maddie and Veronique took their time listening to the process of paper mache and the reason why they were doing such a project. They squeezed the water out and gathered the pulp to mould into different forms. Viraj, Imri, Joshan and Teos also had requested to dance, “I like to move it” which they did perform whilst standing on the balance beam. Meanwhile, Maddie, Veronique, Ryan and Lily enjoyed dancing to the tune of “Waltzing Matilda”.

Meanwhile, the kookaburras did a spontaneous activity, creating their own matching cards which then they used later on for the game. Nicky, Arda, Finn, Ava, Euoan were very much keen to get into the next step of paper mache. They also did observe what happened after soaking the dry leaves and papers overnight. The group then decided to proceed with the next step tomorrow.

The possums on the other hand had spent some time broadening their knowledge about the Japanese celebration through dotted painting of dolls that they have suggested to put on the wall to display. Amol also made use of legos to discuss about road safety and how to respond to different situations with animals and obstacles on the road. Arya and Shona have chosen to engage with building blocks using patterns and applied thinking strategies on how to manipulate the blocks.

The koalas suggested to the educators to create Hinamatsuri dolls like they did yesterday. They enjoyed cutting, pasting and drawing on their dolls and expressed their interest of displaying their artwork for everyone to see. Elise, Isla and Georgia got inspired from yesterday’s music experience with Daniel so they went to the music area, took the maracas and sang songs.

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