It’s Thursday today! The sun is shining, and the children have had a lovely day 😊

Today the children participated in lots of different group times with different educators! We had so much fun reading and singing ‘Cows in the kitchen’ together! It’s one of our favourite books and songs and the children love to make the animal noises together!

Yoga – another part of the day where we like to make animal noises! The children had a lot of fun moving their bodies and practicing their animal poses today! Well done guys 😊

Today we played with slime! This was such a fun and sensory experience where the children could explore the mixture of corn flour and water with their hands. We got super messy and it was great!

It’s March and that means Autumn is coming! The children enjoyed talking about how in Autumn the green leaves change to a lovely orange colour. We had fun painting leaves with a ball!

Today the children have enjoyed playing with the cars and the playdough! They used the playdough as a road and pushed the cars over the table!

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