Happy Friday to all our Aqua families. We have had a wonderful sunny week and the children have explored so much.

Today we had a very relaxing but fun Friday. Sophia and Alegria started their morning off with some threading. They used their fine motor skills to attempt to get the thread through the animal. Great effort girls.

A small group of children joined Carolina on the mat to build towers and knock them over, it is their favourite part.

Outside in the sandpit we built castles or made the wheel turn by putting sand in it. The children love the sandpit area. enjoyed

There was a large dinaous world made in the yard and the children really enjoyed exploring here today. They moved them around the box, and they gave them leaves to eat. Alegria enjoyed the feel of the sand on her toes.

Some of the children enjoyed playing at the cubby house area, they used leaves and mixed them in the pot to feed the dolls.

We want to welcome our lovely new friend Isabelle to Aqua. She had a nice day getting to know Liza and Annelise who read a story for her.

The children have been really enjoying the ducks with their mommy ducks in the basins. Isabelle even enjoyed this activity and was happy to sit and play with them. Henry counted them. We sang the sang ‘’5 little ducks’’ as we played with them.

Learning centre time had many activities, as the children are enjoying exploring the ducks Nita spoke about the ocean and made some lovely jelly fish.

The children had some time with stories in the sunshine.

We had some free art time. exploring the colours red and yellow.

Zoe and Celina made some amazing faces with the Autumn themed slim. They used leaves to make the face and showed each other when they finished.

The most exciting part of our day was getting to feed and watch marshmallow. The children love to watch him chew the lettuce they give him.

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