Today we used our creative minds to use white pipes and small balls to have a spontaneous game of marble run in the sand pit.

Gail’s group made Blossom tree for Hina Matsui. Their skills allowed them to snip around a circle to make the blossom. They also have a group discussion about how the tree caught the children’s dream according to the story. Book “Dyumi” (Kokeshi Doll).

Arturo’s group extended their spontaneous interest in creating and decorating a large size Bus with cardboard. Children used their listening and respecting manners to be able to helping the making ans well as heaving turns at the bus. During this play children took different roles like: Arda was the taking the tickets while Addison was sharing turns at driving the bus. They mentioned that their destination was Canberra, Gold Coast and home.

During meditation each one of us had the opportunity to have a feather to relax and identify sensitive areas on our body and where we had the opportunity to feel the soft touch of the feather.

Sony and Tima were very busy as while some took care of watering the garden, creating shapes with magnets, others used their culinary skills to make Sushi.

Great work Crimson Group.

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