Happy Friday! Thank you for a lovely week in the Emerald room 😊 The children have had a wonderful day today!

Everyone enjoyed group time throughout the day! We love to use this time to sing our favourite songs and play games.

Yoga was so much fun today! Ekta and Affa lead the yoga session today and the children loved it! Together they moved their bodies and exercised their gross motor skills 😊

Triangles! We’ve been learning about different shapes and today we used glue to stick triangles onto a bigger triangle! This has been a great way to encourage speech whilst working on fine motor!


Hickory Dickory Dock … the mouse ran up the clock! Another one of our favourite nursery rhymes that the children enjoy singing! Today the children decorated their clocks with blue paint and paintbrushes!

We’ve had such a fantastic Friday to round up the week! We played with playdough, we drew pictures and we even helped clean the windows! What fun 😊

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