Happy International women’s day!! Today is a day to celebrate women’s achievement, raise awareness against bias and take action for equality.


In #59, Tima read a book about shapes as children have been learning about them recently. And then,  children enjoyed painting rose to show their appreciation for all women, especially mummies. It was really nice to hear how much they love their mummy!! At lunchtime, boys worked hard to set up the table by putting cups, plates and cutleries.


Arturo suggested a good idea for the children. Children made a beautiful cake to celebrate international women’s day!!! They worked together to measure, pour and mix ingredients. The most exciting moment was when they walked up close to the kitchen(not inside!) and handed Frank a cake to bake. They looked very proud to have achieved such a big job.


Inside the room, Shoko took another group. Children enjoyed making sushi, using the instruction sheet as a guide. They were able to roll the sushi very well, filling it with seaweed, rice and other ingredients. On the table next to it, Lego has been set up again this week as the children love it so much. The difference from last week was the addition of a car. This addition has stimulated the children’s imagination and creativity and they have worked together to create a more complex LEGO City today.


In the afternoon, Captain Joey came for a tennis lesson. The children who joined this extra programme practised hitting the balls with a very cool machine. The machine emits air from underneath, which makes the balls float. The children aimed and hit the floating balls and cheered when they were successful.


After, Ms Sarah came for ‘Fit and Funky’. Children were so happy to see her as they knew that she had prepared all sorts of exciting things for them. They had a great time dancing to the music and walking together as a train.


And now the time has come that we have all been waiting for. That’s right! It’s time for cake! The cake was very fluffy, slightly sweet and very yummy. Children who could not eat the cake due to food allergies were given allergy-friendly cookies.


Thanks for showing us your special toy, Max.

It has been another fun-filled day. See you tomorrow.



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