On this beautiful day, the Aqua explorers started their day off with variety of experiences. At the block corner. Boys like Isaac, Leonardo, Thomas and Henry were busy building roads for their cars. With the Legos, the boys go on to build different structures such as rockets and spaceship, such experiences provided opportunities for children to extend on their cognitive, social and fine motor skills. At the dance station, the children requested songs from the Ipad to dance to, they had so much fun dancing to songs like ‘head and shoulder, knees and toes’ as well as ‘Let it go.’ The explorers had so much fun practicing their physical skills!

After morning tea, the children were divided into three groups for literacy time. They listened to various stories, practiced their counting with props and songs as well as talking about the weather. Experience such as this provided opportunities for children to extend their cognitive and language skills.

During learning centre today, the Aqua explorers were invited to various experiences.

As the result of children’s interest rocket, they were invited to look a rocket launch on the Ipad before making their own rocket with different shapes.

With Donna, the children explored playdough as well as paining Easter egg with paint.

With Nita, the children continued to explore Autumn with finger tree painting.

The Explorers also took interest in the magnetic fishing experience whereby they practiced their fine motor and cognitive skills.

The Easter bunny hop was also popular with children. They explored cause and effect with the bunnies.

The Aqua explorers had so much fun today!

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