Tuesday is here! The children have enjoyed another fun-filled day of learning and activities 😊

During group time, the children showed their enthusiasm and interest in the educator’s books, toys, singing and conversations! Together we learn a lot about the world around us, through books and conversations!

Everyone is always excited to participate in yoga – the children know where the mats are and can’t wait to take off their shoes and socks to get started! Sometimes we follow along to a yoga song and sometimes the children do yoga without the music. They enjoy both these ways and moving their bodies is a great way to develop gross motor skills.

This week the children have shown an increasing interest in the song ‘Hop little bunnies’! We sing it during group time and always listen to it during dancing … so today we used tissue paper to decorate our own little bunnies!

Throughout the day the children have loved joining in with painting, reading books, drawing and dressing up. We used our problem solving skills to solve puzzles and match animals 😊 It’s been a very fun day indeed!

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