Happy hump day everyone!

Today we have had a wonderful start to this beautiful day with different activities. we were so excited to choose songs from the Ipad, dress up in our favourite dance gear and move the rhythm to the music with Donna. While some of us dance to our favourite tunes, others were busy building roads and robots with different blocks. At the home corner, we were busy making coffee and patting the babies to bed. In the garden, some of us enjoyed looking at books by ourselves while others explored drawing with chalks on the black board.

Just after morning tea, we were invited to story time with our teachers. In our groups we revisited days of the week and sang the weather song. In Liza’s group, we talked about our feeling and the reason behind our emotions. In Alejandra’s group, we enjoyed singing with different props from her treasure box. In Natasha’s group, we enjoyed taking turn with the felt board.

During our learning centre, we couldn’t wait to do different activities with our educators:

With Donna, we made shamrock with marbles and green paint for St Patrick’s day.

With Liza, we extended our discussion about emotions and explored reasons behind our emotions for instance, we loved to talked about what makes us feel happy.

With Helena, we continued to explore shapes and made collage with different colour shapes. Some of us made a house with the different shapes!

With Nita, we were excited to mix shaving foam with food colouring!

With Alejandra we explored volume with spoons and little easter egg shells.

We also love stomping and hiding our dinosaurs in the dinosaur trays!

We had such a busy day in Aqua today!

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