Hello everyone! Our Crimson children had another fun-filled and fantastic day getting involved with spontaneous activities, sustainable experiences as well as extending their knowledge about “self” and their families.

The koalas did observe how the weather changed this morning from cloudy to having a little sunshine then some rain. Tima asked them, “Something colourful will appear on the sky after this. What do you think is it?” Elaria, Saige, Georgia and Evan exclaimed, “Rainbow!” And it lit up everyone’s faces. The educator then took a book outside and the group decided to do a rainbow painting drawing an inspiration from the photo in the book.

Others were busy engaging in construction and building whilst others helped in tidying up after the creative arts experience.

The platypus group extended on their topic about family and “self”. The group gathered some natural materials from outdoors as well as some recyclable yoghurt lid that Anne brought, each one crated their own self-portrait. Prior to the experience, each of the children had a good look of themselves and shared to the group about how they look by describing themselves.

After following the process of making paper mache, the kookaburras had finally molded it into flat sheet and dry them up to create a new paper and everyone was so involved in remembering the steps they took before they finally came to this stage. In the coming days, they will be reusing those papers for some creative arts experience.

Indoors, the possum group read the book, “The possum magic” as they focus on building their sense of belonging. They had a rich discussion about what they will be doing if they become invisible and everyone had a good thought about it and shared their responses to the group.

Luca, Archie, Oscar and Luca on the other hand, enjoyed building a carpark together and ran their cars on it.

Have a fabulous afternoon!


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