Happy Thursday everyone and hope you are having a lovely Thursday. We have had a lovely day today here in the Aqua room. To start our day off we had a little play in the garden and explored our way through some self select activities before the rain arrived and we had some inside morning dancing and morning tea under the deck while we waited for the rain to finish.

After the sun came out we headed back outside for some sand pit play with animals and set up a mini obstacle course for us to practice our gross motor skills. We then had learning centre time where we sang some of our favourite songs and read some stories about sharing and packing away our special Aqua room toys and then started our learning centre time activities. Some of these were St Patricks day clover creating, colour sorting blocks, autumn tree painting, playdough and emption flash cards. For the afternoon we have some gross motor activities organised for us all that will include our group parachute songs and dancing and running and jumping games with balls and sport markers.

During afternoon tea time, we celebrated Celina’s birthday with cupcakes!

Happy 3rd birthday

Hope you have a lovely rest o your day and evening and we will see you all tomorrow.

Aqua team.

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