Buenos tardes familias! Hope everyone had a fantastic day as we all did here in Crimson!

The platypus group following yesterday’s discussion and activity about “self”, the children have decided to do another self-portrait through creative painting. They had a glimpse of their own reflection on the mirror to see how they look and began creating their own representation. They also engaged with some sensory activities and building and construction afterwards as they direct their own play.

The koalas on the other hand, further extended their interest on creating lovely dolls and decorating them with colourful papers. The children were also taking an active role on our sustainability project by looking after their seeds and watering them everyday.

Our possums again engaged in an open discussion about the story “The Possum Magic”. After listening to it again today, Shoko encouraged them to describe and share thoughts and ideas whilst the story went on and at the end, the educator asked everyone about some details that they could recall from the story to test and develop their memory. Archie and Arda had a lovely time organizing a dramatic play where Archie agreed to take the role of a customer who visited Arda’s sushi bar (the owner).

Our energetic kookaburras focused on making their own “tree of knowledge” and revisited previous learning through sharing and brainstorming. It was great to recall past experiences and remember what they have learnt since the beginning of the year and have an idea of what they would like to know more about on the coming days.

Elliot started to settle in again after coming back from the holidays and we are so glad to see him happy during the day. He also had a visit to Aqua for a while where he was able to stay and explore some areas in the room.

In the afternoon, children loved the fit n funky experience where they did some dancing and practice more fundamental and complex movements and other physical skills.

Have a great afternoon!


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