During morning group, the children entered a discussion about Crimson Group rules. They came up with, many good ideas such as walking inside, using a talking voice, respecting each other and our toys/environment, putting the lids on textas and using our manners to say please and thankyou.

Arturo has been working with the Kookaburras and Possums and extending their interest in sustainability; they have made some wonderful paper. There were also some budding engineers at work with the large wooden blocks, creating some very big and interesting structures.

Tima and Sony have been learning about a shapes. They have used their scissor skills to cut around a variety of shapes and paste these onto their paper, they also label the shapes. They have also been busy following on from our Science program and continued to plant and care for the seeds.

With Harmony Day and St Patrick’s approaching next week the Platypus and Possum groups with Gail, have begun to explore these. We have read the story ‘Around the World We Go’, looking at different countries and ways of living and also ‘Whoever You Are’ through these books we could also see how we are all different, yet similar.

With the theme for Harmony Day being ‘We all belong’, we invited the children to create self portraits. They used the mirrors to look closely at their features and transf er these onto their paper, with many children choosing a different hair or eye colour.

We have also used our senses to explore the rice trays with gold nuggets, shamrock cups and cauldrons which could be found at the end of the rainbow.

The Platypus group have also enjoyed building with the magnetic tiles to create a variety of structures. Maddison and Lily made a tower with two rooms for the planes, which soon became an airport. Arda used all the triangles to create bigger triangles and the children all worked together to make a long trail, one side for walking, the other for cars.

‘There is only one way to look at things, until someone shows us how to look at them with different eyes’.  – Pablo Picasso

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