It’s Thursday and we have had a lovely day in the Emerald room 😊 Our wonderful group times engage the children in meaningful conversations and help to establish important relationships with their teachers.

We had lots of fun doing yoga with Ekta today! The children were able to show Ekta all the different animal poses and yoga moves that they have been learning! This is such a fun form of exercise that the children enjoy doing together!

Playdough! We love to play with playdough! The children enjoy the fun and sensory experience that allows them to explore and manipulate the dough with their hands – we love to poke, squish and roll the playdough together!

Today the children made fabulous paintings by feeling and pushing paint inside a zip-lock bag! This is a slightly different way to explore paint, but the children had so much fun 😊

We also played in boxes and dressed up in tiaras!

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