Friday is here! Happy Friday and thank you for a lovely week in the Emerald room 😊 Today we had a fun day exploring together!

During group time the children have been enjoying ‘Spot’ books – today we read ‘Spot goes to the farm’ and helped lift the flaps to find the farm animals! What a great way to encourage participating in a group activity, as well as speech and language!

Today was the perfect day for yoga! We got our mats out, took our shoes and socks off and exercised our bodies 😊 We focus on jumping, stretching and gross motor movements that will help the children’s physical development!

Slime!! It’s always such a fun activity! We love to get messy and explore the slime with our fingers and hands. It’s a great way to encourage creativity and curiosity in the children.

What a lovely day! Today we played with playdough, solved puzzles, posted balls through holes and cooked with our kitchen set 😊 See you next week!

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