Good dopahar har koi (Good afternoon everyone)!

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend. Our enthusiastic Crimson children had so much energy from the weekend and were all excited to share personal experiences with their friends and educators.

Children have had a lot of exposure to activities that promote sustainability as well as multiculturalism. We’ve started giving importance to celebrations from different cultures as a respect and acknowledgement to each individual in the group. And the children are very keen to participate and are most definitely enjoying getting to know more about other cultures.

In addition to that, the discussions and activities about sustainability has been happening all day and the discoveries through educational videos, books and brainstorming are eye opening to children. They began to develop knowledge, concern and empathy towards the natural environment. We’d also like to thank everyone who brought in seed pots from Woolies. We appreciate your contribution!

The platypus group had touched base with the 2 big topics and were very cooperative as they learn about the 3Rs (reduce, reuse, recycle) as well as the effects of pollution and waste to animals and people. Following that, as the “planet Earth” was mentioned, we discussed about how we all look different as we came from diverse background but we’re all the same that deserve RESPECT. It was a great discussion with children and in the end, Teos, Oscar T, Emily, Alexia, Ryan and Max W., all made a representation of themselves using recycled paper towel rolls and appreciated how wonderful each art pieces were.

The kookaburras were equally busy on the deck as they focus on introducing the celebration, St. Patrick’s day through creating gold and wooden blocks that they decorated with yellow paper for their pot of gold. They also did discussion about what the celebration is about and how people from Ireland celebrate it.

The possums had a great fun building the cubby house, fostering cooperation and team work to achieve one goal. Everyone showed initiative to help out and contribute to the activity. They also did a lot of physical exercises to develop their fundamental movement skills and balance.

Our koalas group, incorporated sustainability into their numeracy experiences by using natural materials that they have collected outdoors. Children used their creativity to make circles and using dry leaves.

In the afternoon we had the tennis practice as well as the fit n funky experience outdoor.

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