Welcome to a bit of a gloomy Tuesday!

Today we started our day with some physical activities where children enjoyed playing outside, especially climbing the trees.

The children enjoyed singing songs and listening to stories with Natasha and Katherine at group time. Children showed enthusiasm and took active participation when Natasha was revealing the toys from her mystery bag. Group time allows children to build relationships with their peers and have a discussion which enhances children’s language development and self-confidence.

In our learning centre, children contributed by collecting Autumn leaves as we continue our project on the Autumn season. The children demonstrated great social skills by helping each other to collectively collect the leaves and extended on the project by engaging in creative experiences and collage.

“The Pot of Gold!”- With Liza, the children enjoyed participating in art and crafts. They were encouraged to stick and use their tip of the fingers to create their own version of Pot of Gold; providing the opportunity for children to explore diversity and celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. The Irish Culture believes that if we can find the end of the rainbow, we will find a pot of gold!

Other children enjoyed manipulating and exploring creativity with various painting materials. They enjoyed making different marks by stamping with balloons filled with sand (as a painting tool). This helps children to explore the sense of difference in weights of balloons provided, and develop interest in using different media to create with.

Some children have enjoyed exploring “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” with Natasha enhancing their language development, turn taking skills, developing an early understanding of life cycles and healthy foods.

Pretend play in the home corner was popular today. Children could be seen making babycino’s and patting babies. Dramatic play facilitates empathy, social skills and creates a safe space for children to explore various roles. Some enjoyed dancing, whilst others enjoyed reading books, construction and cars. Free play allows children to express their self-identities, autonomy and develop self-esteem.

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