It’s been quite gloomy and rainy this afternoon but nevertheless our Crimson children had much fun participating in extensions of activities as well as other spontaneous and self-directed play.

In the morning we had a lockdown drill where we gathered all children indoors and it was a good opportunity to explain the reason and purpose of the drill which is to keep everyone safe in case of an emergency situation where a threat or danger is present. Children were cooperative and curious as to why we need to keep our voices low and turn the lights off and the educators saw it as a good opportunity to educate the children on those kinds of situations.

Moving on, as we encourage everyone’s culture in our activities, the platypus group welcomed everyone by singing multicultural songs as well as counting the children in the group in different languages. And as we continue, we touched base on St. Patrick’s day and we’ve read a story about King Dagda a legendary king who owns a magic harp. We used magnets to show the sequence of events and discussed about how Irish people celebrate the occasion. Moreover, Oscar, Teos and Emily suggested we continue talking about recycling and water pollution. Children were moved by some educational videos we showed yesterday and today that it began to deepen their awareness about caring for natural environment. To extend on multicultural and sustainable topics, we’ve had some activities such as green playdough molding, creative drawing etc.

Our kookaburras group used their time learning more about St.Patrick’s celebration as well by making more golden blocks for their pot. Children also painted their pot, black. Aidan shared, “All pots are black because of the firewood, just like when we have our camp for fire in camping and all pot gets black.” Other children who missed out on planting seeds with Justin, had the opportunity to do it today and plant their own seeds using pots donated by parents. Again, we’d like to thank everyone who brought in some seeds and pots for us! Its been very helpful and useful for the children!

The possums on the other hand engaged with some playdough activity where they focused on measurements and developing their hand-eye coordination and using the dough to create different structures and objects. The children also had a great time exploring our cubby house and built volcano together in the sandpit.

The koalas also enjoyed creating beautiful shamrocks through painting and read a story about the celebration of St. Patrick’s day. Afterwards, children explored the garden to create their own play with their friends.

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