Hello, it’s Tuesday! The children have been busy with St. Patrick’s Day arts and crafts in preparation for tomorrow 😊

We’ve enjoyed group times throughout the day with different educators. Together the children have read books, sang songs and played with motion toys! We love to use group times as a way to engage the children in conversations and to practice their language.

We had a packed yoga class this morning! Everyone wanted to join in and the children did a great job at sharing the mats! What a wonderful way to exercise our bodies and work on our gross motor movements!

The children have had lots of opportunities to learn about St. Patrick’s Day through creative arts and crafts. Whilst exploring the various materials and resources with their educators, the children engaged in conversations about St. Patrick’s Day and Irish culture that can help to broaden their understanding of the world around them 😊

Today has been a fun day of music, dressing up and playing with blocks!

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