Hola! Hope you all had had a great day. Our Crimson children had the opportunity to celebrate and get to know more about St. Patrick’s day as well as expanding more their knowledge about sustainable practices.

The kookaburras had an amazing extension on sustainability based on Nicholas suggestion to make a paper so he can write to his mum. Aiden on the other hand, added that he saw this kind of  paper before at a gallery when they went camping. Dominic also had shared that they need to use the old paper whilst Thomas agreed by putting some yellow paper into the mixture as well. And as the discussion went on, Julia said that she could make a card for Christmas. The group also made a big shamrock craft where they used cut out coloured papers.

The koalas had a great fun finding some gold coins from the grass(coloured rice) and they practiced counting them afterwards.

The possums also participated in some activities related to the celebration of St. Patrick’s day. They practiced their fine motor skills as well as their counting and cooperation during a group experience.

The platypus group did some contribution for the celebration as they read books about the Irish celebration and why it was celebrated in such a way in their culture.

Today, Justin and Shane came to continue with our planting activity. Everyone had a chance to plant flowers and herbs and vegetables and everyone’s excited with how their little seeds would look like later on.

Daniel our music teacher also came in the afternoon and everyone had so much fun trying out the violin as well as the other instruments he prepared for the group.


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