We started our day by stretching our body through dancing. Children enjoyed dancing in Frozen songs and Emma Wiggles. Later, they shared their stories about the Emma and Frozen dresses they had. It was a lovely chat among each other.

In group time, children actively participated in group time by listening and discussing with Katherine, Natasha and Alejandra. The children participated by having a turn of puppets and physical toys to sing songs. This helps in enhancing children’s language as well as the feeling of assurance of having a turn.

Followed by learning centre, children enjoyed pouring and scooping experience where they enjoyed hiding and counting the gold coins. Similarly, some enjoyed painting the “Gold Coins in the Pot.” These learning experiences exposes children the diversity in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day.

Similarly, with Alejandra, children enjoyed cutting. The experience allows children to enhance their fine motor skills by open-shut movement of the scissors as well as hand eye coordination.

Likewise, our scientists showed great interest in exploring the chemical property of water~ ice melting into water. This helps children to test their patience level and their resilience. Likewise, some children participated in sorting experience enhancing colour recognition skills of children.

The children enjoyed participating in self-selected activities such as sand play, pretend play enhancing their social-emotional learning as children demonstrate the skills of sharing, caring and nurturing each other. Similarly, active kids showed off their skills by climbing and solving obstacle course.  Moreover, our musician enjoyed forming their musical bands and performed singing “Baby Shark.” The self-selected activities create platform for children to depict their self-identities and self-confidence.

It was lovely to see Emmeline in her beautiful cultural attire today… Happy Harmony Week to all. And all children are welcome in their traditional attire!

Lastly, please stay safe and Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all dear families 😊


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