It is the end of the third week in March already. The weeks go quickly when we are having so much fun. In this rainy day, children showed great interest in indoor activities. in the home corner, Celina, Amelia and Isabel were busy calling their moms to bring their jacket over since it is a little chill today. whereas Elizabeth decided to take a power nap with her baby. This allows children to reflect themselves and reflect their existing knowledge via imitation.

We took a quick sneak outdoor once rain stopped. Thomas enjoyed making sand cake for his birthday and his mates helped him to make a bigger birthday cake together. This encourage children to depict their social-emotional development working as a team.

In learning center, children talked about the weather with Natasha whilst with Alejandra, children discussed about Autumn season. Likewise, with Komalpreet children enjoyed reading books and discussing about St. Patrick’s Day.

In the learning center, some children enjoyed making St. Patrick’s Hat with the balloons of different weights~ allowing children to explore about St. Patrick’s celebration more. Whereas Leonardo and Thomas enjoyed finding the gold coins.

With Alejandra, children learnt naming colours in Spanish followed by colour mixing experience. Our explorer showed great curiosity for the end product after mixing colours since children of this age group develop the dispositions for learning such as curiosity, investigating, researching and imagination (DEEWR, 2009).

Our scientist continued to show interest in chemical properties of water (ice melting into water). Whereas our dancers pretended to become Emma Wiggles and showed off their complex moves.  Moreover, our helpers helped cleaning the Dinosaurs and some enjoyed constructing the road as team for their vehicles. These engagement in the self-selected activities contributes in developing children’s self-confidence, social interaction and sense of agency.

Despite the challenge by weather, it was such a fun day today 😊

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