Its been a gloomy day since this morning but nevertheless children are having a great fun engaging in various sensory, numeracy and literacy and as well as music experiences among others.

The platypus group this morning had a great discussion about what they have learnt yesterday and a lot spoke about planting since they had the Science experiments and as went on, they suggested  to continue with this topic. To extend it, we spoke about “germination” since they were talking about how will their seeds grow. Children also observed how the seeds they planted from two weeks ago, look like now. And as went on, they have learnt that seeds need water and sunlight to grow.

The koalas on the other hand, learnt about the colours of the rainbow as well as how rainbow comes up. This is an extension of their learning experiences from yesterday’s celebration of St. Patrick’s day. They created beautiful rainbow crafts that they posted on the wall of the room.

Meanwhile, the possums had a great time participating in some sensory experience using some coloured rice and wooden toys whilst other chose to do some painting to express what they have learnt earlier.

The kookaburras gathered some dry leaves outdoors and used them to practice their fine motor skills of cutting and tracing. Arturo also engage them with discussion about how to spell their name.

After having our lunch earlier, crimson children had some down time doing meditation. They focused on breathing and relaxing after a busy morning and then did some massage for friends.


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