Happy harmony day! (I know it was yesterday…) It was lovely to see children and educators wearing orange or their traditional clothing. They all looked GREAT!!! It was raining heavily again today, just like the weekend. However, children enjoyed various activities and had a great time.

In the group time, we welcomed a new friend Olivia. We hope you had a great day playing with us. Thank you for showing us your special toy, Olivia!

As usual, children were divided into four groups and spent the learning centre time. Of course, all the group discussed how can we celebrate cultural diversity.


Koalas decided to celebrate Harmony day by dancing and painting. At first, children watched a video clip to learn how people all over Australia celebrate Harmony Day and what songs they sing and dance. Then they danced to music to express their understanding. For painting, each child participated in a group art experience. The children painted their hands to create leaves on the tree. Nice teamwork guys!


Possums listened to the story called ‘Whoever you are’. Then children discussed that we have different coloured eyes, different coloured skin and different coloured hair. We can speak different languages and come from different types of families. Then, children extended their understanding by creating face using face parts such as eyes or nose and some recycled materials.


Platypuses enjoyed sang various songs in different languages. And then, they talked about where each child’s family came from, or what language they speak at home. Since Harmony day is all about inclusion and respecting each other, children were invited to create group art using their hands. They traced their hand and cut it out with scissors. Then they draw a happy face on it. We are going to add other groups of children’s works to them to make a single piece of art!

Kookaburras had also a discussion about Harmony day. During the discussion, they came up with another good idea of having a Harmony day parade. Such a great idea! What about we will do it tomorrow? After, discussion, some of them volunteered to water the plants we planted in the Science experience. Some have sprouted and are growing well, but some have yet to sprout. Belian said that it takes different time for different plants to sprout. That’s right! We will keep on observing!

We are planning to have the Harmony day parade tomorrow, please dress your child in Orange or Traditional clothing. Thank you for your cooperation.


See you tomorrow!


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