Thursday is here and today the children have enjoyed participating in fun art and craft activities for Harmony Day! Harmony day is this coming weekend and celebrates cultural diversity!

Today we enjoyed a group time where we read lots of our favourite books … but the most favourite this week is of course Spot! The children always ask for the Spot book and love to play and interact with Spot the puppet!

Time for yoga – an active part to our morning where the children follow along to a special yoga song and move their bodies into different animal poses. This is a fantastic way to encourage gross motor development, coordination and balance!

Today the children have had lots of fun drawing on cut outs of people and making colourful handprints! Whilst participating in these activities, our educators talked to the children about how everybody belongs, encouraging a deeper understanding of the world around them.

We’ve had a lovely day exploring the sand pit, making music with our handmade shakers and building tall tall towers together 😊

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