Happy Friday! The children have had a very fun and sensory day today!

We enjoyed different group times through the day where the children engaged in meaningful conversations and stories with their educators. This is a fun part of our day that can really encourage speech and language development!

We had a super fun and messy day with our sensory tray full of things to play with and explore. The tray was full of coloured sand, shaving foam, cotton balls, coloured water and small world dinosaurs! The children enjoyed playing in the tray for a long time, feeling the different textures with their hands 😊

The children continued painting cut outs of people for Harmony day and enjoyed practicing their drawing skills by decorating a big map of Australia!

What a lovely Friday we have had. We exercised our fine motor skills by slotting pegs onto a tin and we exercised our gross motor skills by dancing our socks off!

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