Another very rainy day today, but that won’t stop us from having fun!

Alegria and Quinn started the morning sitting and chatting together on the sofa. They giggled as Donna took their picture together.

India and Sofia had lots of fun using the chalk board and loved the picture Donna drew for them. The children are really enjoying their creative sides and what they can create with line, shape and colour.

Henry found his favourite spot in the Aqua Car and Block corner and made the noise ‘brummmm’ as he moved the car around.

A small group sat with Liza and enjoyed exploring her book bag. The children love to read the teachers books and even take their own group times.

Thomas made a wonderful snake with Nita. He used the connecting blocks and put them all in a row.

At another table Tilly enjoyed making marks on the paper, while India explored the eggs and laughed as she saw the dinosaur pop out.

Zachary was our fire fighter today. He used the fire truck and went to put fires out looking the part in his fireman outfit.

The children enjoyed chatting together about what they like to eat at morning snack time. It’s so nice to hear them talk together and share this time to make connections.

Magnets are always a big hit in Aqua and the children make some amazing shapes, towers and many other objects with them. Very clever children!!

The children enjoyed dressing up today and doing lots of dancing on the mat, their favourite of course is “Let it Go’’.

We used Donna’s special markers today and made a big picture together with lots of shapes on the paper.

Group time was full of fun stories and today with Nita the children enjoyed the song about “Old MacDonald’’ they then had the opportunity to match the baby animals with their parent animals.

Jake loved watching the rain fall outside.

With Liza at learning centre time the children spoke about our world, the people in it and how we need to care for it. They then made the world on the paper plates.

With Donna the children had the opportunity to make rain. It was a fun science project using water, shaving foam and blue food colouring. When the food colouring was dropped on top of the foam it leaks through the foam making rain drops. The children loved this activity.

We had another fun rainy day at Aqua today. Have a nice evening everyone.

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