Hello everyone! We have tried to maximize all learning experiences indoors due to the rainy weather and we’ve been missing the outdoors and the sun a lot so hoping for a sunny day tomorrow!
Our koala group had focused on engaging in solving puzzles encouraging strategic thinking as well as concentration on a task.
Some did participate in practicing their cutting skills whilst others did some creative drawing and hand tracing.

The kookaburras on the other hand continued exploring multicultural celebrations and background as they discussed about where their families came from. They extended into talking about different countries and their special occasions.
The possums also had a great discussion about the weather and the effects of severe rain in other areas. Children showed awareness and concern over animals and people that were affected. The group also spoke about individual background and how everyone is the same and equal regardless of where they came from.
The platypus group extended their discussion on harmony day and how everyone are different and the same in some ways. They also spoke about how each one wants to be when they grow up. Ryan said he wants to be a zoo keeper so they made a zoo using magnetic tiles whilst others shared that they wanted to be a police or fire fighters.

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