It was so nice to see the sun back today and hear the laughter in the garden from the children playing and running together.

We started our morning off with a fun activity, hanging eggs on the egg tree. In Germany they would hang eggs from the tree as they are an ancient symbol of life all around the world. As we are exploring Harmony Day this week and many cultures, we included the activity in the programme today. As you can see many of the children enjoyed exploring it. For Persian New Year, they also would hang them so children and adults can enjoy eating them.

The sand pit was a hit again today, the children missed playing here during the wet weather. They made castles with Trish and cupcakes for her.

Sophia B was very brave today and climbed the tree whilst Amelia IW enjoyed exploring the mud kitchen.

Alegria, Charlotte and India enjoyed playing with the dinosaurs. They used their language skills to make the noise of the dino’s, ‘’Roarrrr’’ they said.

We also got our steering wheel and Pasha became the bus driver and drove a lot of children around the town. They sang the ‘’wheels on the bus’’ and it could be heard all around the garden.

Group time was fun as always. The children are learning many songs and are now starting to repeat the name of the animals in Spanish. With Komalpreet the children sang some nice songs, they especially enjoyed ‘’Hickory Dickory Dock’’.

The children got to explore another Science project with Liza today. With milk and food colouring the children put a cue tip in and watched as the colours spread all around the milk. All the children could be heard saying “wow”.

We made some Easter eggs using eggs. Annabel really enjoyed this activity. We continue to do many activities regarding Harmony Day and learning to celebrate our similarities and differences.

What a fun filled day we had and we wish you a fun filled evening. Enjoy the sunshine!



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