Hola! As part of promoting multicultural community here at Crimson, children were exposed to different experiences that encourages appreciation of each individuality.

The platypus group created beautiful flags following a discussion about where did their families come from. A lot of the children on the group were aware of where mum and dad were from and they gladly shared it with the group. Some even displayed their ability speak in another language.

The kookaburras also took the time to talk about the countries around the world by showing a world map. Each of them had a chance to discover the countries where mum and dad came from and also share something about their home culture.

Our possum friends focused on developing their self-identity and appreciating each other’s differences and similarities. They engaged in creative self-discovery by drawing a representation of themselves on the mirror.

The koalas on the other hand were very much into exploring ways of sustainable living by using natural resources for craft and as well as watering plants using the rainwater. They also made an amazing artwork using bits and pieces of puzzles that they will be displaying in the room soon.


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