Welcome to another sunny day of the week. Children were really excited to play and run outside. Early morning our builders got busy in building a zoo for the animals and our artists in showing off their creativity skills.

In group time, children enjoyed listening to story about colours of skin, eyes and hair with Liza and discussed about Holi festival. Similarly, with Natasha, children enjoyed singing weather songs and colour songs. With Alejandra, children learnt Spanish by naming animals. The group time is intentional teaching, that helps in children to enhance their learning dispositions and scaffold their existing knowledge.

In learning center time, children participated in colour sorting activity with Natasha and Nita.

Similarly, with Alejandra, children tried their best to cut and stick the papers~~enhancing their fine motor skills.

Likewise, our curious minds enjoyed breaking down the hard soil to find the hidden fossil.

With Liza children engaged in colour mixing experiment as an extension for Holi and with Donna some children enjoyed creating their own version of Easter Eggs promoting diversity in celebrations in Australia.

In self-selected activities, children enjoyed dancing, pretending to become mommy and cook food. And some enjoyed playing with Legos, keyboards (pretending to work in office). The self-selected activities allows children to reflect their self-identities as well as their sense of agency is promoted.

Moreover, thanks to our Crimson friends for a rally with different costumes, flags and songs in different language. 😊

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