We started our morning with Yoga and stretched our body to make it flexible.

Nishka shared her story about a stone she found on her way to day care with her friends. Likewise, all the children shared their morning cuddle with each other. This facilitates children’s social development.

In group time, children enjoyed singing morning songs with Nita, learnt Spanish with Alejandra and with Carolina, children enjoyed listening to “Where is the Green Sheep?”. The group time allows children to enhance their language development as well promote their concentration skills.

In learning center, with Nita, children enjoyed cooking biscuits using her home recipe. Likewise, as an extension for Holi, children used spray bottle to spray coloured water. These experiences expose children to diverse celebration and practices.

Similarly, with Alejandra, children enjoyed doing cutting and sticking, promoting their fine motor skills.

In free play time, children enjoyed pretend play in the home corner and making a runway track for their cars. Also, some enjoyed creativity by drawing and playing five cheeky monkeys. This allows children to enhance their social-emotional development and promote their sense of agency.

Our Aqua friends enjoyed their Friday a lot and hope you guys have a good weekend.

Happy Friday Dear Families 😊

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