As an extension of harmony day and the inclusion of Holi (the festival of colours) this Sunday, the Platypuses have read a book ‘Festival of Colours’ by Kabir Sehgal and Surishtha Sehgal and learnt that they get the colour from flowers. They dry the flowers, separate the petals, and then press the petals into fine powder.

Today we invited the children to explore colours and make our own powder. Using flour and the droppers with primary colours, children were able to created new colours too.  They also experimented with colour mixing water in test tubes.

During Harmony week the Platypuses have also been busy making their self portraits, we have been discussing how we are all different and this led to a discussion on what job we may like to do in the future.

Ava shared she will be a firefighter and Liam a parent, while Maddison will be a hairdresser, Lily a concert ballerina and Evelyn and Alexia both will be ballerina’s and parents too. Teos will be a police officer and Ryan a Zookeeper. So many choices for the future.

The Kookaburra’s continued with exploring sustainable practices, and revisited their paper making (from re-cycled paper). They used their senses and explored the texture and compared this to a variety of foods,  completing taste tests too. Kookaburras are also recycling rainwater. They collect the rainwater in an empty bin and use this water for the garden. Our planet is in safe hands with these future earth warriors.

The possums used a variety of materials to create faces and used this opportunity to discuss their feelings. They also used their cognitive skills to match cards and follow patterns with the peg boards.

The Koala’s also continued to discuss Harmony Day and how the dove can symbolize peace. They used the water paints to create patterns on their doves and bring peace to the world. They have also been creating happy faces with re-cycled materials.

Popular choices from the children today included  the magnetic blocks, creating towers, homes and zoos, there was also counting the levels to see how high the towers were, as well as measuring.

There was also a lot of cooking and in kitchen and socializing too.

‘it is through others that we develop into ourselves’ – Vygotsky. 1981, p. 161


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