Tuesday is here! We had such a fun day today and the children have enjoyed learning about the world and broadening their understanding through activities and arts and crafts this Harmony week! 😊

In group time the children have loved listening to different languages from our educators. It’s lovely to explore where our children are from. We’ve had lots of fun reading books about different places in the world, as well as other inclusive books like ’10 Little Fingers and 10 Little Toes’

Yoga time! We love warming up our bodies with yoga movements on these rainy days, it’s a perfect way to enhance physical development.

Today the children were invited to join in with arts and crafts! We made the Earth! Some children painted the Earth by pushing paint around in a zip-lock bag, and others used paintbrushes! We all had a great time learning about where we live together 😊

What a terrific Tuesday! The children enjoyed the sandpit, drawing, reading books and gluing and sticking to make a fabulous group project – a rainbow!

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