Welcome to Wednesday! We have had a wonderful day today 😊 The children enjoyed the weather outside and participated in different activities!

We have been loving group time this week – the children have been having meaningful conversations with their educators about the world in which they live, different nationalities, cultures and languages!

The children move their bodies in our yoga session. Today we focused on downward dog – one of our favourites!!

Everyone loved joining in with sensory play in the big tray. We played with frogs, slime, water, sand and cotton balls and we sang ‘5 Little Speckled Frogs’ as we explored the different materials and textures in the tray – what fun!

We continued with our group rainbow project, adding the colour red…

The children had a lot of fun painting together…

And we had a great time using our gross motor skills and colour recognition as we played with the rainbow parachute!

What a fun day we have had exploring the yard and playing with ducks in the water!

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