It’s Thursday! We are having such a lovely week and the children are learning so much about different cultures, diversity and inclusion!

The children have enjoyed group time with different educators today where they have read books about countries around the world and Australia! We are enjoying introducing the children to different countries and languages too 😊

Ready for yoga? The children are always ready for yoga! They love to help set up the mats in a circle and take their shoes and socks off. Today we hopped like frogs on our mats and practiced other explosive movements like jumping – this is a great way to enhance gross motor skills.

Our rainbow is coming together nicely! The children have been having lots of fun gluing and sticking the different coloured tissue paper onto the big rainbow! Together we talk about all the colours of the rainbow and what colours we are still missing 😊

We have had a lovely day digging in the sand pit to make cakes, building towers with the blocks and promoting fine motor skills by drawing!

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