Friday is here! What a fantastic Friday we have had to end such a fun week! Holi is this weekend and we have enjoyed celebrating the ‘Festival of Colours’ together by participating in different activities!

During our group time, our educators talked to the children about Holi and where in the world people celebrate! We discussed all the different colours that we might see in a Holi Festival, read our favourite books and sang lots of songs!

Time for our daily yoga session! We have been practicing the yoga alphabet, it includes poses like Cat, Dog and Forward bend! The children are enjoying moving their bodies in different ways 😊

For Holi, the children had lots of fun painting colourful pictures using bright colours!

We explored coloured sand in the tray. This was fun and sensory!

We have had a lovely Friday spent splashing in water, exploring foam with sea animals and dinosaurs and finally finishing off our group rainbow collage!

Today is Chelsea’s Birthday! We had so much fun celebrating her birthday together and sharing cupcakes  😊 We hope you had a fabulous day!

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