It was a great Holi celebration in crimson yesterday. Children definitely had fun learning more about this Indian festival of colours. We also would like to thank Arya’s parents for coming over and sharing their practices and culture with us.

Through out the day, Crimson groups focused on doing some extensions with regards to Holi’s celebration.

The platypus did a team game, “pass the water race” using cups filled with coloured water. Each team won a round and everyone was happy competing with each other.

The possums engaged in a Science experiment using baking soda, vinegar and food colour. Children were amazed how colours mix together.

The kookaburras also had great fun doing some colour splashing using balloos and paints in our yard.

The koalas took some left over holi powder and mimicked the experience from the morning. They spread colours onto each other and also to some of the dolls we have in the yard as they play pretend.

It was a full on day with lots of fun, memories and learning!



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