It’s Tuesday and our Crimson children had amazing activities all through out the day.

The koalas engaged with some beautiful Easter bunny craft experience as a preparation to the coming Easter celebration. Others explored the outdoor yard and got busy with some playdough and building experiences.

The possums repeated the baking soda experience from yesterday based on Archie’s request. Then it was followed by discussion about colours and how all the mixture got brown as well as the patterns that the colours made.

The platypus group meanwhile, expanded their knowledge about different occupations. How each of them would like to be when they grow up. Some of them wanted to be police officers and pretended to write a report whilst others dressed up and some did dramatic play as fire fighters.

Our kookaburra friends started to talk about Easter and they began making easter eggs using paper plates. They will continue to do so and will start making their own baskets too.


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