Hola! What a beautiful Wednesday we have!

Aidan’s family had brought in their fish tank this morning so we can look after it whilst they are away. Children were so excited to have a closer look on the fishes and have been asking to help care for them.

The kookaburras focused on making Easter egg crafts using paper plates that they have drew on and have continued more discussion about the coming celebration.

Arda brought in two books that he shared with the group. He sat and tried to read it in front of his friends with Arturo’s help.

The possums on the other hand made their Easter baskets for the egg hunt next week. Everyone was so excited upon knowing that there will be an egg hunt as well as other activities planned for next week.

Our platypus group expanded their knowledge about different occupations. A topic that they have carried on from the beginning of the week. Maddie dressed up as a hair dresser and a ballet performer same as Lily. Max, Teos and Imri were the police officers whilst Belian and Viraj were the fire fighters.

Our Koala friends had a great time with some sensory activities with Easter as a theme whilst others continued making Easter bunnies.

Elliot was happy to explore both our indoor and outdoor area today as well as finding the duplos very interesting.

After lunch, children had a nice and quiet activity of “I spy” outdoors whilst enjoying the sunny afternoon.

Not long after, Captain Joey came to do a tennis lesson with the children to make up for the Friday session that will be missed out dur to public holiday.


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