Happy Thursday everyone! It’s almost long weekend and a lot of the children are already in a holiday mood and looking forward to go away for a few days.

In the morning, we had the incursion, “Planet Tidy” which is very much timely in relation with one of our projects, “Sustainability” the puppet show discussed about how we can contribute in making our planet Earth clean and healthy as well as the effects of water pollution. Children enjoyed how lively and exciting the story, actions and props were. Sam, the lady who organized it also invited Jeffrey, Dominic, Arda and Veronique and children enjoyed how they participated in the show.

The rest of the Crimson groups continued to make Easter crafts like eggs and baskets using variety of materials.

To add more, this week we have been talking about the 3Rs (reduce, reuse, recycle) and we have decided to focus on “reduce”. We have had wonderful discussions about reducing food waste and we have extended it to learning about the resources that are wasted whenever we waste food. We have planned to expand their knowledge on this by talking about other ways we can “reduce” the use of energy and more. We highly encourage you to please have a conversation with your child about this and share your practices and thoughts with them. Thank you!

Have a wonderful Easter holiday!

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