Tuesday has arrived and we’ve been getting the children excited about Easter!

During group times, the children have been reading Easter books and singing lots of songs about rabbits – ‘Hop little bunnies’ is a favourite!

We kicked off our day with yoga! With all this talk of bunny rabbits, of course we had to move our bodies and create a bunny pose! The children had so much fun jumping up and down and hopping like bunnies to exercise their gross motor skills.

Today the children were invited to paint and decorate their own Easter bunnies with brown paint and cotton tails! Everyone was very excited to join in 😊

Bunny ears! They are so cute and fluffy – today the children had a lovely time decorating their own bunny ears! The children practiced their fine motor skills and pencil grips during this fun activity!

We had a terrific Tuesday together with lots of fun activities planned and free play too!

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