Happy 1st of April! It is hard to believe we are in April already!

We had an incredibly special day today as we had an Incursion in the Crimson room.  The name of it was ‘’Planet Tidy’’ and yes you guessed it was all about taking care of the environment. The children learnt new songs about picking up rubbish and if we all do our bit, we will keep the planet tidy. We got to meet some funny characters, Pea 1 and Pea 2 rapped for us, while we were also introduced to Henrietta the Hippo, puppet fish and a giant clam who taught us how to not put rubbish in the ocean as it makes our sea creatures sick.

The children were so engaged and sat listening so well for the whole time the show was on. They really enjoyed participating in the songs also.

This morning, Nishka enjoyed looking at our Science project from yesterday and seeing how the colours had changed. Happy Holi to all our families!

We had a small band form today and it was nice to hear the children singing the song about keeping our planet tidy.

Emmeline displayed amazing fine motor skills as she helped dress the baby doll.

We also had fun exploring the Easter tree and hanging the eggs on it for the bunny.

We enjoyed dance time and Amelia gave her Dad Rauf a big hug when saying goodbye to him.

Jake liked his reflection in the mirror and giggled when he saw it.

Another popular activity was the shop. The children bought groceries from each other and paid the shop assistant.

We had a fun filled day today and we would like to wish the Aqua families a very happy Easter and enjoy your long weekend.


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