Dear families, welcome to last week of the month.

Today in the early morning, the children enjoyed pretend play, where most of them prepared morning tea, served their friends and enjoyed it together. Leonardo and his friends got busy in working at office, whilst Sara was busy in making birthday cake for her friends allowing them to enhance their social development skills.


In group time, children enjoyed listening to “Nee Naw” song with Komalpreet and with Natasha, children loved exploring the weather. Group time allows children opportunities to develop their whole body listening skills; increased concentration and active listening skills (Department of Education, 2021).

In learning centre, with Katherine, the children loved decorating and creating their own Easter Eggs. The learning was all about diversity and experiencing different cultural practices. Children loved it and we all had fun!

as an extension of Holi, the children enjoyed pretending to splash colours on people. Kruti brought special coloured powder and celebrated Holi with all children and educators. Thanks, Kruti for a lovely experience. Children enjoyed transforming themselves into rainbows.

“Rainbow Molly!”

“I am rainbow Unicorn!”- Remi.

“I play Holi with my friends (Davina and Kiwi)!”- Nishka

This allowed children to connect their present experience with existing knowledge and exposed them to practice of celebrating Holi.


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