Dear families, it’s the last day of the week and yes we all overcame the uncertainty weather!! 😊

We started our day with some happy faces and conversation with Pasha, Remi and Sophia. Alegria and Charlotte spent their time reading lovely books whilst children enjoyed yummy morning tea. Thank you, Frank,! 😊

In group time, children enjoyed singing “Days of the Week” with Komalpreet, with Reeti, children enjoyed singing with puppets whilst with Natasha, children loved discussing the colours of their dresses or clothes they have worn. This intentional teaching scaffolds children’s learning and assimilate their existing knowledge. (Nolan & Raba, 2015).

In learning centre, children continued enjoying spraying colours whilst with Katherine, children loved creating their version of eggs by painting.

With Nita, children enjoyed pasting create their versions of carrots for the Easter bunny. Some children participated in collecting colourful papers to decorate their Easter Eggs.

Our learning centre was full of diverse learning experiences and children have been enjoying them a lot. This allows plenty of opportunities to enhance children’s learning dispositions and  develop the feeling of respecting as well as belonging to the learning area (DEEWR, 2009).

In free play time, children chowed off their dancing moves facilitating their language and gross motor skills. Ethan, Thomas and Pasha pretended to be dinosaurs and invade the fire station. This helps children to develop their social emotional skills and reflect their self-identities.

Pasha enjoyed talking about his new bag with his friends. It was really cool and amazing!


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