Today a small group started their morning off with some dancing. They used the dress up clothes and danced to ‘’Let it Go’’ amongst many other songs.

Henry, Thomas, and Nicholas joined Trish on the car mat and made a road with tunnels for the cars. They really enjoyed building and worked well together as a team. Henry loved driving the fire engine.

Katherine had a special toy for us to explore today. It was Tom Cat, and when we said something to him, he repeated the sentence. The children laughed so much when he spoke.

Sophia.E enjoyed some time at the chalk board, as did Charlotte. They made many lines on the board, exploring mark making.

Levi spent some time at the Dino world. He loves to explore the dinosaurs and was heard asking one, ‘’want dinner’’?

Molly and Thomas M explored the chicks and eggs for Easter. They had to use fine motor skills to squeeze the egg to see what pops out.

At group time the children are learning all about the weather with Natasha. They sing the weather song then choose on the card what it is like outside. We listen to stories and then go for learning centre time.

With Donna the children did an experiment for Holi festival.  It was called ‘Walking Colours’. We put food colouring and water into our bowls and then placed tissue paper from one bowl to the next and watched as the colours start ‘walking’ over to the other bowl. It was so much fun and when we arrived at school today (01/04/2021) all the colours had mixed and changed from Yellow to Orange and blue to green. The children were so engaged in this experiment.

The children continue to celebrate Easter, they made their own eggs by using paint and glitter.

With Reeti, the children helped find sometimes food and everyday food. We are learning about keeping our bodies healthy with different food.

With Natasha we made Easter eggs with colourful paper. We used fine motor skills to make them.

What a fun day in Aqua!

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